Although I have dabbled with (as a user) a number of productivity/to-do list/GTD/project management tools in the past, it’s not until this year that I have taken them more seriously. In all cases, I almost invariably only try applications when there is an accompanying mobile app because I figured without the mobile support, I probably wouldn’t be using the app so frequently. In hindsight, I think having some sort of discipline is essential – regardless of whether using a mobile app or not, although the mobile aspect adds to the motivation definitely.

  • Basecamp (Android, iOS, sort-of): Enterprise-grade project management. My big peeve is that there is no good mobile app and the email notifications are not sufficiently informative for ease of keeping track of conversations.
  • Dropbox: No explanations needed…
  • Evernote (Android, iOS): Heard of this app since its beginning a few years ago. Didn’t take it seriously until recently when I decided to use it to store online resources; still not really using it to track documents and stuff.
  • Google Docs: This online office suite and repository of documents is extremely powerful, in case you have not discovered the power of it. Can’t live without it! 🙂
  • Google Keep(Android only?): New addition to the Google Drive family. Simple – as in with limitations – app for jotting down short notes. Has the obvious advantage that notes to synced to Google Drive.
  • Todo (iOS): For a couple of years my favourite for its simple interface, until I switched to Android 1.5 years ago.
  • Trello (Android): Discovered it a few months ago, but only now beginning to discover innovative ways of using this deceptively simple app. May replace Wunderlist down the line. Very fast for synchronisation and mobile UI.
  • Wunderlist (Android, iOS): Started using since last year. Liked it for the simple interface and user-experience was somewhat similar ti Todo.

Honorable mentions which I eventually discarded:

  • Google tasks
  • Remember the milk
  • Things
  • Toodledoo