The times we live in are shaping up to be more and more heavenly for gadget geeks, not that I am one of course. 🙂

Nevertheless, I have upgraded/acquired a few items in the last 6 months.

  • LG PJ350 42″ plasma TV: Despite plasma being a relative older technology and perhaps out of fashion given the flood of low-energy LED TVs in the market, this relative economical plasma TV (with the lower 720p resolution) has excellent picture quality to rival many of the more expensive (and larger) LED/LCD TVs, and very comfortable on the eyes too.
  • Sony PS3: I never thought that I’d succumb to the computer games bug but once I got this console (with the intention of using this as a BlueRay player at some point), I am hooked on some of the beautiful game titles available! I will try to review some of the games I am playing now at a later date.
  • AC Ryan PlayonHD: What can I say, a media player that can be easily upgraded (essentially a Linux machine) to play multiple formats, combined with network storage means the ultimate in convenience – watching movies on TV in the living room or on a laptop via Wifi.
  • Network storage: Although I am mainly using network harddisks made by Buffalo, there are certainly quite a few budget choices to choose from these days.
  • Panasonic Lumix LX3 (2nd hand): This was more or less an impulse decision. After being somewhat frustrated by the quality of videos on the equally good Fujifilm F200EXR (the low light department is excellent), I decided to give the reputed LX3 a try when I saw the quality of videos to be had with this camera.