Over dinner a couple of weeks ago, a friend shared with me some recent and unfortunate happenings involving his friend. As the result of a freak accident and a very probable case of medical incompetence, his friend was left with a severely damaged brain. A very likely outcome of this sad sequence of events is the loss of a husband for a newly wed couple, and the loss of a son to a mother.

We also briefly discussed about other aspects of death, like the well-known “last lecture” I mentioned before. I am truly full of admiration for people who can overcome their frustrations and live positively, right to the end.

Somehow this really put things into perspective. I mean, even when considering the recent world-wide financial turmoils – in fact, yesterday in the news, there was a Californian man who killed his 2 children, wife and mother-in-law before committing suicide because of his financial woes – what can be worse than losing your life/loved one at the prime of one’s life? What can be more courageous than to fight on and achieve your goals as best as you can?

Treasure what you have now for it may be your last chance.