This is more for my own benefit so that I won’t need to search high and low for these links again. Note that the transformation from MHz (millions of steps per second) to GHz (thousands of millions) only took slightly less than 10 years, which is quite amazing if you ask me… Incidentally you can clearly see the rise and fall of AMD in the period 200 to about 2005-6, when the Core2duo architecture appeared.

  1. Intel’s 15 Most Unforgettable x86 CPUs
  2. The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1 : Introduction
  3. The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 2 : AMD Processors From March 1994 To December 2004
  4. Tom’s Hardware’s Interactive CPU Charts (check out also the very illuminating tree diagrams of Intel and AMD CPUs up to 2006)
  5. CPU Socket Basics: Intel
  6. CPU Socket Basics: AMD