Have you ever had the feeling that when things go wrong, they like to appear in a cluster!?

Well, since Chinese New Year this year (February for the non-Chinese people out there), I have been trying to fix up two PCs for others: one was my former work-horse, stripped-down and sold, and the other was bought from a colleague since it has become a “white elephant”. For the former, prior to it being delivered I noticed that the BIOS was not retaining its settings as soon as power was disconnected – turned out to be a non-critical problem that has at yet no good solution for this series of motherboards from Asus – which after further tinkering was eventually replaced by a second-hand Gigabyte board. In the process, I managed to stuff up another Gigabyte as a result of failed BIOS update and blew up a PSU! Fortunately, the current incarnation seems to be pretty stable and I am not touching it any more… Well, as for the other, there were minor “inconveniences” along the way since this board (MSI Neo2) has only 1 IDE slot and most of my hardware was IDE and not SATA. 🙁 However, as they say, all’s well if it ends well.

The second technical problem I had in recent months was to do with my cable broadband connection. Throughout my tinkering mentioned earlier, I had to hook up multiple PCs, very often in desperation for some answers! To cut the long story short, turned out my cable modem was faulty and out of warranty so that it would not connect to my Linksys router without terminating ALL after 1 or 2 hours of use. Fortunately, I was able to replace it with a cheap second hand Motorola modem.

Moral of the story: if something is wrong, look harder, for there may be other problems lurking in the shadows!!