Was in the supermarket earlier.

As usual, I went in without a pre-planned shopping list, unlike some people. Went browsing in the bathroom items section and suddenly recalled that I needed to replenish my shower cream. Well, being the adventurous type of guy I am, I decided to try a brand – still a well-known one here, mind you – I have not tried before. After deliberating for a while, I settled on “Revitalising” from Shokubutsu; actually it was a toss up between “Revitalising”, “Soothing” and “Moisturising”.

Lo and behold, by the time I got back and started to store everything in the cupboards, there it was: another unopened bottle of “Revitalising” from Shokubutsu! 😯 ❓ 😳

Well, guess I am still a very logical type of guy after all!?!?