During my previous brief foray into GTD, I had in fact started reading David Allen’s “Getting Things Done” and tried out quite a few applications, both on- and off-line, to try to find a wonder tool that can help to get my life back into tip-top shape. Sadly, the book currently remains unfinished and I have also stopped using the one application – ThinkingRock – which I settled on at the end of my search.

However, for one reason or other, I decided to give it another try today. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of quality of free applications out there that have sprung up in the mean time.

Here are some of my recommendations for others who also want to give GTD a try.

  • Desktop
    1. ThinkingRock. This is a Java application and therefore is cross-platform. However, the latest version (still in epsilon!) seems particularly sluggish which eventually forced me to look for other better alternatives. By the way, this can be run off a USB thumbdrive, which is a means of providing data portability.
    2. Actiontastic. This is a Mac-only application but is free(!). Its interface is very simple – in fact, looks very much like an iTunes – and lacks many functions relative to ThinkingRock but I believe simplicity is precisely a strength of this nifty piece of software. I really enjoyed using this for collecting thoughts for a while, before I finally managed to install and try out Tracks. Finally, I must point out that there are other inexpensive alternatives which have received good reviews: Ghost Action, What To Do.
  • Online application
    1. Tracks. This is a Ruby on Rails application with nice AJAX interface, but fits my needs very nicely because my first choice has always been to look for an online application. Although I have only tried it for a few hours, I believe I have found a winner!

I’d like to add that here are some of the recent discussions which rekindled my interest in GTD.