Saw this funny incident from Seinfeld on TV last night.

Elaine was depressed and was wandering aimlessly in the rain. She cried: “I don’t know where I’m going?”

Peterman (the rich clothing guy who eventually became her boss and then was lost at sea): “Well, that’s the quickest way of getting to an unknown place” (or something to that effect).

For some reason, this scene got me thinking. For most of us living in big cities, be it in Singapore, or Los Angeles, New York, etc., we are always on the move and walking. While the pace of life is different in Singapore, compared to Boston, Hawaii, etc., has many people actually stopped to see what is around them?

Where is the journey going to take them? Back to repetition and mediocrity, or to some unknown challenges where you live on knife’s edge? Does anyone know or want to know how it’s going to end?