Recently was quite fortunate to get access to some Doctor Who (the official BBC site, and public-contributed information on Wikipedia) videos – all episodes of the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston as a matter of fact. After an absence of more than 15 years, interrupted only by presence of the 1996 telefilm, Doctor Who finally made a return to the air waves in 2005 in its ninth incarnation. I may add, after all these years, the Doctor has not really lost his charm on me!

For those who are unfamiliar with the BBC TV series Doctor Who, it “is in fact the longest-running science fiction television series in the history of broadcasting, a series that began on the BBC1 network in the United Kingdom in November 1963 and ran until 1989.”, according to Outpost Gallifrey which is seemingly the most comprehensive site on Doctor Who at the moment. It was eventually returned to TV in early 2005 for all new adventures.

Doctor Who was created as a show for older children to be aired late Saturday afternoons and, due to a sudden boost during its first season caused by a race of mechanical nasties called the Daleks, became an overnight British sensation. This is a story about the adventures of an alien – in human form, of course – known as the Doctor who travels around the galaxy and through time with his various companions. He is a Time Lord and is therefore able to regenerate himself from time to time (during near-death experiences), with each incarnation played by a different actor and taking on very different personalities.

My first experience with Doctor Who was during my secondary school days. After watching a few episodes of TV series, I was immediately hooked. After that I watched every single episode shown on free-to-air TV (mainly episodes of the third, fourth and sixth Doctors) and read all the books accompanying the BBC series I could get my hands on from the local library. Naturally I was a little sad when the show was eventually axed. However, all is not lost and there is new life to the Doctor finally and I look forward to catching up with the Doctor again!

It is quite a refreshing experience to watch Doctor Who while being able to browse additional information on the internet, such as episode guides, tidbits on characters/actors and so on. In fact, this is not unlike the “interactive” experience I had while reading the Da Vinci Code when I was able to immediately find more information about various locations or myths while going through the book. Ah, the beauty of internet!

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