After my latest trip back to Canberra, a friend commented that some of the shots from the trip were very “me”. This made me wonder if I had really developed a “style” to speak of? Frankly, I had not never really considered this question before – I mean, counting from the day I acquired my first “serious” camera in the Nikon F50.

I suppose that nowadays I am leaning more and more towards artistic shots. To be sure, I don’t aim to take tranquil or esoteric shots. My preference (while travelling) is to capture images that are likely to provoke the viewer to consider what I was thinking as I took the shots or to provide viewer some food for thought. In fact, I’d consider it objective accomplished if I succeeded in presenting a new way of seeing things.

At the same time, it is also apparent at least in my case, that the opportunity to create/capture depends very much on my state of mind, i.e. mood, at the time. I think the cliché that we see things through coloured lenses is quite apt here. I mean, if I feel relaxed or cheerful, then it is easier to come up with fine images, through the lens as proxy for our eyes, which evoke certain feelings. We see what we want to see.

However, I readily concede that there is a place for both factual and artistic shots if we are chronicle our trips. A good travelling photo diary needs to have both types, i.e. the “been there, done that” type photos as well. I count myself as being in a fortunate position of being able to experiment with both mentalities since getting a digital camera.