Last night (12 June), the Australian national soccer team – known as the Socceroos – created history at the FIFA World Cup 2006. In retrospect, it was not so much what happened but rather the manner the victory was achieved. After all, to put it into the correct perspective, this was only the first game during the preliminary round of the competition. It is still a long way, and a long shot, come to think of it, before the Finals. There is Croatia and Brazil to conquer.

However, the come-from-behind win against Japan marked a few historical moments. It was the first time the Australian team had scored any goals at the World Cup since its last appearance in 1974. To me, the fact that all three Australian goals came during the final 6 minutes or so of regulation time truly typifies the Australian spirit.

I had started off watching the match at the coffee shop downstairs. However, not being a beer drinker, all the front tables had been reserved by the regular customers. It was just like watching a silent movie. Fortunately, I was able to see the remaining three quarters of the match in the comfort of a friend’s place, with a beer to boot. It was sweet to see the goals raining down in the end. 🙂