If you have ever spent any amount of time surfing the Web, you will no doubt be familiar with the suffixes “.com” and the “.org”. However, it seems that there are many, many more than these two: 264 Web address suffixes in use, to be exact. Here is a full list.

Examples of some of the more exotic names include:

  • Palestinian territories got ”.ps” and the European Union ”.eu.”;
  • ”.int” for organizations established by international treaty;
  • ”.museum” for accredited museums worldwide;
  • ”.biz” for businesses;
  • “.travel” for the travel industry;
  • ”.aero” for the aviation industry;
  • ”.coop” for business cooperatives like credit unions;
  • ”.xxx,” a controversial proposal to create a virtual red-light district for porn sites;
  • ”.info” for general use;
  • ”.name” for individuals;
  • ”.pro” for professionals

In terms of popularity, tops, of course, is ”.com.” with Germany’s ”de” next, followed by ”.net,” ”.uk,” and ”.org.”