The problems (as I wrote here, here and here) I have been having lately with my PC at home seem to be finally over! Finger crossed…

My theory is that when I removed a faulty harddisk recently – the time when all subsequent instability issues seemed to have started – I had inadvertently left hanging a ground(ing) cable that was secured to the PC casing using the one of screws which secures the same harddisk. This naturally can lead to unexpected fluctuations in my system, or even burn out key components in the worst case. Two incidents seem to back this up. Two days ago, I tripped the power at my unit as I was merely plugging in the power cord of the PC. Secondly, I noticed quite by chance that the ground lead of the front panel Firewire port was touching the metal case. I have since unplugged the Firewire cable from the motherboard just in case. It just goes to show that when tinkering inside your PC, don’t leave anything hanging!! 😉

In fact, I have managed to run OCCT (apparently even more stressful than Prime95) overnight without crashing – although CPU temperature was raised to unusually high 52C. At the moment, I am putting the system through the rigours of Burnin Test. Another tool that I have used extensively over the past couple of weeks is the Ultimate Boot CD, mainly for checking the integrity of the harddisks.

So far so good. Finally I can reinstall all the softwares that I normally use!