While watching the news reports of the Taiwanese (Opposition) leader of the Nationalist Party visit communist China, a few thoughts came to mind.

Firstly, communist China may not so communist after all – more in name nowadays than substance. However, to many this may be just a moot point.

In the days of pre- and early Industrial Revolution, technology and wealth went hand in hand. Whoever had the means commanded the most power. However, with technology – and information transfer – occurring in leaps and bounds in recent years, this no longer seem to be the case.

Nowadays it seems the main differentiating factors between expensive technology and usable technology are just extra ‘frills’ and ease-of-use. It’s no longer a question of lack of the main functionalities. With the rate of technological advances, the advantage of wealth is decreasing rapidly because most of the ‘affordable’ technology is able to get the work done – more effort required, naturally.

Perhaps, the implication is that we are inevitably heading towards a global socialist society!? More opportunities for all – my interpretation of socialism.