Decided to dig out a Bach CD (Bach Violin Concertos, Lara St John) today.

As I was listening to it, it occurred to me that, despite the fact that I never mastered a musical instrument, I have always had a preference for string instruments, in particular the violin, cello and guitar. However, piano was and is still too ‘sharp’ for me.

Out of the minuscule collection of classical music CDs that I have, I actually have a few purely devoted to Bach. Of all the major composers, I seem to have taken a liking to Bach for some reason. Perhaps it was because his music was more easily accessible to the lay person (as in not musically trained), or simply my lack of exposure for alternatives? I suppose I can feel and do like the order and structure evident in his pieces – as a reflection of my personality, maybe!? – as well as the soothing and calming atmosphere of his music. From what I gather, Bach was a very religious person and his world view was often expressed through his music.