Have been reading The Rule of Four (by the way, do take the time to follow this link and try out the game!) lately. This is another book which is quite addictive, that, once started, I found it most difficult to put down. In fact, hard to believe this is the first by the two close friends – according the bio, the authors have been friends since they were 8.

Unlike the Dan Brown novels (Angels and Demons and The Da Vinci Code) which I finished not too long ago, the plot is less straight-forward. Many issues are explored simultaneously, possibly one of the weak points of the novel. There is the anxiety of university students facing an uncertain future while awaiting their graduation, the re-exploration of their friendships, and unfinished relationships when one half departs while the other half still studying.

On top of all this, there is a mystery to be solved! This mystery revolves around a real-life book from Renaissance period, which also forms a legacy of the main protagonist’s father. While not as gripping as Da Vinci Code because of the frequent shifting of perspectives, the riddles often can be just as gripping.