Have been busy with a web design project for the past month (on and off) or so, which is why I have not gone ahead with my redesign of the website, or the intended migration. More will be revealed when the project is nearer to completion.

Basically, I have volunteered to design the website for a non-profit organisation. Because of my familiarity with :mt:, it was a natural choice (given the size of the site) to use it as the back-end to manage all the information. Furthermore, I will also be administering the online forum, which uses phpBB, another open-source system.

I must say, even though I have been using :mt: for about two years now, this has been at times tough learning experience. I have picked up some subtleties of CSS, use of Javascript and become more aware of cross-browser issues. These, while not new to me, are no longer the purely academic topics that I used to read on various websites. They are real issues that any conscientious designer needs to take into account. I can definitely say that I have been pushed from an advanced beginner to a low-end of intermediate by now!