Just had this flash of genius on the way to work. The thought came as I saw some students walking to the bus (the internal bus on the campus of NUS) stop. I was thinking to myself: most of the students, come exam time, will probably feel that they have the most insurmountable problems in the world, life is hell, etc.

But wait till they leave school, and enter the REAL world… 🙂

Oftentimes by looking too far ahead – for which I am also often guilty – I feel that we may be introducing extra burdens on ourselves. Furthermore, these are burdens that we don’t need to carry in advance. In the context of university student, this can include finding jobs after graduation. Why not just live the moment that you have!?

“There are times when life isn’t all you want, but it’s all you have. So what I say is: Have it! Stick a geranium in your hat and be happy!”

Author Unknown