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Read (this link will be no longer active once the offending materials have been removed) this morning that a certain Chinese website has been blatantly abusing copyright by copying verbatim (well, actually, the contents had been translated into Chinese) the review materials from Digital Photography Review, a site that I often go to learn about the latest in digital cameras. While I have been guilty from time to time of using copyrighted pics of movies or book covers, this is just too much!

As a silver lining to this whole saga, a public apology has been posted on Let’s hope that this is the end of the fiasco.

However, for me this has cast some doubt for me the integrity of the site. Although, strictly speaking, there is not much that can be done to deal with such abuses, I believe we, as readers, can nevertheless make a stand by choosing to visiting somewhere else where I can be more assured of original content.


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    Incidentally, this is the 100th entry in this category. Yeah!

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