To continue the <a href="”>previous post on novel series which I really enjoyed, another one which deserves mention is Ender’s Game, by Orson Scott Card.

While I don’t quite remember when I first picked up the this book – probably the second or third year during my undergraduate studies – I can recall vividly how emotionally I got involved while reading this book at the time. The action, the pace, the pain and toll of intensive training on a child, the loneliness of having no equals among your peers, and the realisation of having single-handedly annihilated an entire alien race, the list goes on.

Book 2, Speaker for the Dead to me was seemed to have lost some of the initial impact. But then, I suppose, since the focus is now on an adult Ender who is struggling with his conscience and exploring more complex issues such as tolerance and dealing with grief. However, this was redeemed by Book 3, Xenocide.

ps. It seems that preparations are under way for a movie based on the series: Ender’s Game, the Movie. Also, Jake Lloyd A.K.A. young Anakin Skywalker has been approached to play Ender.