As you can see, not much happening here recently…

However, not all is as it seems. 😉 I have been in fact evaluating some PHP-based blogging engines in preparation for a switch away from :mt:. Why? I guess partly because I finally want to try something that DOES NOT require a rebuild after I post something, and partly I want to use something that is totally GPL’ed, without some of the licensing restrictions of :mt: (which continues to provide a free version nevertheless). Also, it will be good to finally force myself to consolidate my PHP and put my PHP books to good use! 🙄

There are four which I have been toying with:

Incidentally, as it turned out, these four packages are actually from only 2 families, b2 and Nucleus respectively.

By the way, I will be physically moving soon as well, so may get quieter online as well. 😀