Been reading the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series as mentioned earlier. In one of the books, the author advocated that money is just a concept.

In order to acquire wealth, one of the starting point is to actually change the thinking process. To be the rich, you need to act and think like a rich person. But, I gather, this does not mean spending as if you are loaded when you are not! The author’s central thesis is to challenge people to change the “I can’t afford this” thinking into “How can I afford it?”

In the context of travelling – these thoughts kind of came up since I just returned from a short trip to Canada and London – it seems I am still thinking in the student-mode!? Should I now change my thinking about budget and non-budget travelling; I mean, budget travelling with route-planning, backpacking and all. Since I have the “means” now that I am working, should I also use those “means”?

But, really, where can I draw the line? After I acquire my first million, or second million? ps. Not that I am anywhere close to it yet!! 🙂

Well, the downside of all this is that I end up doing a lot of planning on my own, walking – and keeping fit as a result 😉 – and literally seeing many things from the ground level. This also means turning up at unexpected places – some people would call this “getting lost” but I see it more as giving myself some surprises… Another downside is that this is more time-consuming, both before and during the trip, as the cheaper methods are not necessarily the most direct methods as can be expected, and I certainly can’t boast of having visited many places/cities in a short amount of time – not that I want to anyway. However, from time to time, I do allow myself the luxury of a nice meal, as shown here.

The upside is of course that you can do things at your own leisure. Changes can be made at a whim. Total freedom!