Heard this story on the radio the other night.

A bus full of passengers was travelling along the mountainside. It stopped, and a couple were the only people who alighted. Minutes later, as the bus continued on with its journey, an avalanche occurred and the bus was buried under the rubble. There were no survivors. All this happened in full view of the couple. At this point, the couple said to each other, “I wish we were still on the bus”.

Intrigued? At this point, the radio DJ challenged her listeners to guess the reason for the seemingly bizarre reaction.

Faced with a challenge, I was naturally keen to try. For example, perhaps the couple was contemplating suicide for some reason? But, really, nothing satisfactory and simple.

The solution, as it were, was relatively simple. If the couple was still on the bus, the bus would not be delayed due to the stoppage, and may very likely have averted the landslide.

Moral of the story: try to look at things from a different perspective. Secondly, when you act compassionately, very often you will discover things that you don’t normally think of.