Read a story about a little girl who, due to an accident, lost sight in one eye. Furthermore, in order to save the eyeball, a big scar was left behind in the eyeball. This physical deformity has left her feeling self-conscious while growing up and if not for her mother’s constant encouragement, she would probably never be able to walk with her head held high.

Well, yesterday I met with a minor accident of my own when my spectacles were knocked from my face. As a result, there are some scratches along both sides of the bridge of my nose. Not too serious, but I am sure the internal bruising and the cuts (very noticeable) will remain for at least the next week or so.

Due to the slight discomfort when putting my glasses back on, I have resorted to wearing contact lenses – something which I do rather infrequently. However, not wearing glasses also means the cuts are more noticeable. As a result, I have also become more self-conscious.

On a certain level, I do feel kind of ridiculous to feel this way. After all, this is not a permanent condition and secondly they are cuts and not some contagious disease, and have occurred through no fault of my own. However this experience has given me the chance to appreciate and experience a little of what some of the more unfortunate people in our society must be feeling every time they walk out of their house. I think such people deserve our compassion, but certainly not pity.

It’s enlightening to be on the other side of the fence sometimes.