I just received a phone call from my credit card company and was informed that this card has been selected for a promotional program, with certain benefits if I spend x amounts within a given period. This card has been dormant in my drawer for at least the past 6 months, which I accidentally ‘revived’ when I forgot to update the account records and made an online purchase on Amazon. This makes me really wonder if this particular credit card company is utilising its resources correctly??

Instead of more gimmicks for enticing new or the ‘oft-chance’ customers, how about being more proactive in pleasing your existing customers? If I was a loyal customer (which I am not in this case, for other reasons), I would certainly want to be rewarded for my loyalty. Unfortunately, personal experiences up till now, and after having used 4-5 different credit cards, have really given me the opposite impressions, at least here in Singapore.

As a certain saying goes:

If it touches the customer, then it’s a marketing issue.

Well, this is definitely marketing issue because the prosperity of a company is intimately tied in with how it is perceived, and the services it provides.