All of a sudden, there seems to be increasing interest in Mars. Firstly there was the failed UK attempt – the Beagle 2 who had the last rites administered today. Then the US probes, Spirit and Opportunity, landed and made headlines. This was of course followed by an announcement by President Bush of United States, declaring his intention to put men on Mars in years to come.

Seems odd, doesn’t it?

Given the economic troubles at home, given the global turmoil due to terrorism, given the fact the Cold War has been over for a long time and there is no longer a competitor for world domination (not counting China yet, of course)…

In the midst of all this excitement of new frontiers to be discovered, there is the curious issue of colour. That is, apparently the photos of Mars that we have been seeing do not in fact show the correct colours! This was first brought to my attention on Etemananki. This means that the Martian landscape may not be as red as what we have been led to believe, since those early photos from the Viking missions back in the 70’s.

One cannot help but feel that the conspiracy theorists may be right on this one, because the official photos released by NASA (courtesy of the Spirit probe which coincidentally is also experiencing technical problems) in the space of less than a week have shown a gradual “un-reddening” of the Martian landscape. They are aware of this “error” and slowly conditioning the global population?? Rather curious, wouldn’t you say? :huh: