Just read an article Why digital cameras = better photographers which argues that digital cameras lead to better photographers. Incidentally I don’t personally own a digital camera – still relying on my trusty Nikon F50 and the more recently acquired Yashica T5D – but I do follow closely developments of these digital toys.

While a digital camera does offer lots of convenience (instant feedback) and may help reduce the wasted-holiday-shot syndrome, I can’t help but disagree with the main points of this article. In fact, precisely because of the reduced costs compared to film, from what I have observed, this is more likely to lead to ‘random’ shooting, without necessarily paying extra attention to framing of picture or lighting, etc. So, instead of promoting experimentation as the article suggests, I feel a digital camera in the hands of a typical casual photographer is more likely to lead to ‘fast-food’ photos – lots of mediocre shots which are bland, but acceptable.

Then again, maybe I am slightly biased. 🙂