Tonight could not resist the temptation of buying a copy of Holy Blood, Holy Grail from Borders. Being true to the spirit of proper scientific research, I just needed to find out more from the primary source, since the recently finished and fictional The Da Vinci Code seems to draw many of its “facts” from this book.

Don’t really know where this fascination will lead to or how long it will last? 🙂 Only time will tell.

I suppose I have always been interested in nature of reality, established traditions, conventional wisdom and so-on? If people can disagree on the authenticity of present-day events, what of the distant past?? An interesting quote attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte I saw recently goes something like this:

What is history, but a fable agreed upon?

As a postscript, I wonder if it is just a mere coincidence that both Holy Blood, Holy Grail and The Ultimate Time Machine seem to imply the same things regarding Jesus?