Last night, a friend commented that after watching the recent movie Home Run* one can really appreciate the value of a pair of shoes. Useful advice for shoe-lovers out there!? 🙂

Here is an editorial from Iraq Today concerning the recent power outage in New York. Call it a sense of humour, or what-not, but “the irony, of course, has not been lost on most Baghdadis”. As the article says, the New Yorkers only had to endure loss of power for one day. Not months. I think this really puts things in perspective, don’t you?

For those curious why I was reading Iraq Today? Am I a Islamic “sympathiser”, etc.? For the record, I followed the link from Where is Raed?, a widely followed blogger who sprang up from nowhere during the recent Iraq war. He is now writing for the UK Guardian newspaper: sample.

* Home Run is a Singaporean remake of the internationally-acclaimed Iranian movie Children of Heaven.