Which photo album?

Lately have been looking at upgrading/changing my photo album software. To be sure, I cannot actually find any major faults with what I am using now, which is :gallery:. Just me getting itchy fingers again.

The two contenders are actually

  1. :gallery:
  2. Coppermine photo gallery

What are the pros and cons?

For :gallery:, my nagging feeling is that, as it is, it does not really look very professional, or at least without significant modifications on my part(!). Secondly, the comments left by viewers are not easily accessible.

On the other hand, Coppermine looks good right out of the box. However, after trying out for a few days, I find one big factor which is lacking. It is not straightforward to have individual directories for each album, and this is significant for me in terms of organisation of my files.

Finally some good news. Gallery 2 is on its way – although the final delivery is probably months away. From what I have seen of the pre-alpha, which I will continue to play with from now on, there are significant improvements.

So I guess I will just stay put for a while longer…


Trip photos


How do we know?

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  1. yy

    Well, decided to stick with Gallery in the end. In fact, as of version 1.4.1, the remark about comments is no longer an issue. This version also includes additional features such as skins, polling, etc. All the more reasons for staying with this wonderful piece of free software!

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