I really don’t recall when it started, but it seems that as far as I can remember I always had this mental picture of human relationships being like the casting of fishing nets. Whenever two strangers cross paths, even just a total stranger walking past on the street, an invisible thread is cast out and then you are tied together forever. If the ‘pull’ is strong enough, someday you will meet again even if for some reasons you two eventually become separated. I suppose this is what some people would call fate?

My brother and my sister-in-law is a case in point. I had met her family about 12 years ago when I visited Brisbane, as an innocent teenager… In the intervening years, I did not put much thought into the encounter. I had no idea that 8-9 years ago, the same family was to reappear in my life and become our in-laws!

It seems nowadays, with the interconnections brought about by the internet, this picture is still valid in the new digital medium.

Back in March, in <a href="”>Chain reaction, I had mentioned the I hope weblog, in reference to its design and also a song by Leah Selonga. Well, for lack of anything better to do (mm… vanity, maybe??), last night I decided to put the name of my site into Google and was curious to see what would turn up. Surprise, surprise! A link to one of the entries on I hope turned up. The author in fact made a mention of my mentioning his website. If someone bothered to track every single weblog out there, and then compute the probability of author of any site I visit stumbling across my humble site… :huh: The mind boggles.

The world just got smaller, and my net messier. 😀