Is it possible that as a person achieves more and more, that same person can feel less and less adequate at the same time?

Sorry, don’t have the answer to this one. But sure is a good chance for using this long word!






  1. Diabolique

    I have the answer to this one: yes, yes, YES! It seems to me, the more you achieve, the more you realize there is to achieve. Individuals who feel inadequate as a result of this realization, often fail to take a balanced perspective, and appreciate all that they have achieved. It’s that wonderful cliche, the glass is either half empty or half full. If one’s focus is solely on what one has failed to achieve, then surprise, surprise, one feels inadequate!

    Sadly, in our society, the goal posts are often changing, and we have no time to celebrate our successes and achievements. How many parents when their kids come up and say “I’ve got 90 marks for my test”, would just reply “Good, next time try for 95 marks.” How deflating! Where’s the ice-cream, the hugs, the celebratory whoops around the living room?

    Perhaps it’s our culture that shuns away from praising one’s accomplishments for fear of “invoking the God’s jealousies”, hence bringing down “bad luck” to ourselves. Even if we don’t believe in such superstitions, the habit is well entrenched. A modern update would be “don’t praise them, else they’ll get a swell head”. It is ironic that the with-holding of praise is seen as motivating further achievement, but nothing can be further from the truth.

    My one-cent’s worth.

  2. Diabolique

    PS. Almost forgot. Great word!

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