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I wonder if there is any correlation between ability to study (for exam) and age?

You would think that when you get older, and after having already survived whatever the existing education system can throw at you, you will get better at preparing for examination, wouldn’t you!? I mean, once you have some working experience and therefore have lived in the real world, surely you are better at time management, resource planning, and all that stuff that people have always said is critical for exam success, compared to a fresh and naive student!?

Well, from my personal observations after a week of intensive preparations for my upcoming ACCA exam, I really beg to differ! Naturally, memory is something that is expected to decrease with age, but it should not follow that attention span will similarly decrease?

What is there a discrepancy, considering that working people are supposed to have a better grasp of skills of survival, and these are the same skills that we have been told will help us manage our time and study better? Well, seems there are two explanations: either, as students, we have been conned, or the same people who have told us that have never experienced real life!

By the way, the exam is tomorrow, so better get back to it now! 🙂


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  1. Josh

    I’ve started to realize that the correlation between age and ability to study structurely did not go hand-in-hand weeks ago while preparing for the project. However, I realize the power of networking and the ability to survive by looking at alternatives. I decided to whip out my 200+ of contacts and began searching for friends were work as accountant as a profession. I was lucky with so and met with some sarcastism from friend: “Aiya, who ask you to take up accountant? You should stick to what you’ve been trained and do your engineering stuff. The accounting industry is competitive enough, dun give us more headache……” Huh? Do I sound so threatening with this DipFM?

    I am lucky to have a cousin who’s doing her CFA exams a day earlier at the Expo too and she thought me a lot on the Ratio Analysis. Another cousin up the line had done a project on Balanced Scorecard before and I got some help from her too. These ‘divine’ assistance had been very valuable since I’ve started considerably late.

  2. cclia

    Read somewhere that a person’s ability to learn declines exponentially as he grows older (perhaps sometime around post teenage years). Can’t help but feel some truth in it. We’re constantly bounded by rules in our lives, so much so that even when we pick up something new, we’ll set up some structure to “facilitate” quicker learning. In fact, I think we are actually limiting ourselves on what we learn. Children never fail to amaze me by what inputs they derive from the things they are learning.

    p/s: you’ve got a comprehensive weblog 🙂

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