During the past week, have been plagued by the dreaded computer virus at work. Normally a very careful person with such things, I can not explain away this lack of discretion, of inadvertently executing an unknown executable file. Granted it was on one of our network drives (hence assumed to be ‘clean’), and I was just killing sometime before getting off work, and expecting to see some cute Windows screen saver or such things… Well, suffice it to say, a few minutes’ handiwork can sometimes lead to hours of additional labour. In the end, reinstall – as is typical for Windows users!

For those not in Singapore. The SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) is causing havoc in Asia, and some other parts of the world. It seems this virus will be here to stay. The only safe method of prevention at this stage is to stay healthy (good diet and healthy living) and maintain good personal hygiene.

Seems we just can’t escape from these viruses, one way or another.