Tonight, decided to check out a site which I had previously bookmarked but thought I had already lost. Fortunately I vaguely remembered some keywords which allowed me to find it again.

This site was a chance discovery way back when I first started blogging. At the time, I wanted to get some ideas on what to write, how to lay out the site, etc. This site’s owner, also a relatively new comer to blogging and to :mt:, had posted some questions at the :mt: Forum.

Now back to the site in question. This was a blog for discussing personal reflections on Christian beliefs. The comments of the author wrote about a book he was reading at the time caught my attention. Well, being my usual presumptuous self, I decided to drop a comment on one of his observations. Since this was not updated very frequently, I was rather surprised that it has been commented upon since that time, not by one but two people!

This illustrates very nicely all the benefits of blogging on the web, doesn’t it? Encourages openness – well, the internet does bring a large degree of anonymity – free sharing of opinions and thoughts. Very interesting. I do hope that some day some of my thoughts can in some way have a positive effect on someone’s life.