For the past couple of weeks or so, have been trying out pMachine. At one stage, I almost ended up converting everything to pMachine. Verdict? Well, guess I was pretty lucky in that I managed to pick a good blog on the second go (first one being Nucleus), so I will stick with :mt: after all.

Experiences? While :mt: may not seem as polished in the user interface (in my opinion at any rate), and does not generate dynamic pages (out of the box), I quickly came up against limitations in pMachine.

After overcoming some initial hurdles due to CSS, I quickly noticed some limitations in pMachine which I could not live with. The most critical ones: lack of multiple templates, lack of configurability for customised templates. In this regard, as far as I can see, :mt: is far superior. Lastly the :mt: community also seems much more active, and also more capable of producing extra plug-ins. The only final concern(?) I have at this stage is whether the server would be overloaded when I need to rebuild the whole site?

As an aside, I have recently discovered some great resources for :mt:. I am sure I will refer to them very often when moving my site to the new web host.

I will update the links to include some more stuff about CSS in the near future.

Well, all is not lost. I will continue to use pMachine on my PC as a way of keeping some wok logs.