Saw Jet Li‘s new movie Fearless last Friday. Fearless is a story about the Chinese martial arts guru Huo Yuanjia (1869-1910), played by Li, who founded the Chin Woo (also known as Jing Wu Men) martial arts school in Shanghai in 1909.

Apart from the breathless fighting scenes and dedication that we have come to expect from Li, this movie to me was quite different from any of his previous movies. For a start, there was much more raw and brutal violence, but this also gave the movie a better sense of realism. After all, real fighting is not necessarily suave and pretty. In those days, it was often a matter of life and death.

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Just finished watching the DVD Shadowlands which I bought during the Christmas break. As a matter of fact, I first saw this movie close to almost ten years ago by now, but happy to say I was still touched by the magic all the same.

This is the story of C. S. Lewis, who is perhaps nowadays more well-known for his Narnia books than any of his more serious works. Despite giving the world the magical world of Narnia, this is the tale of his own discovery of magic outside the safety of books.

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Harry Potter 4

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, with some friends about two weeks ago. It was quite enjoyable, I must admit. The plot is getting more intricate and children’s-story feel is definitely much less for this episode.

Now, while the long wait between movie releases has been worth it in my opinion, I am nevertheless getting rather impatient to find out what happens next (given the annual release cycle for the movies). So, I did what any intelligent person would do under the circumstances, and sought out the print version, which is up to Book 6 by the way. 🙂

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Movie marathon: post-mortem

Happy to say that I survived the marathon! Although I did not win any prizes at the end of the contest, it was quite enjoyable and challenging. 🙂

Slightly to my surprise, I managed to stay awake for all 8 movies without needing to heavily dose up on coffee. For me, the toughest period was from 5 – 9am (just after the 5th movie). Actually, had a Red Bull on Saturday afternoon, and the organisers did give out a canned coffee on the bus, but, honestly, it was nothing more than coffee-flavoured water.

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