Faye Wong 約定

Happened to come across this MTV on youtube tonight – in fact this was the first time I had seen the MTV or the lyrics. This was one of my favourite songs during my PhD days. Really brings back many memories from my trip to Europe, although this song always made me feel homesick at the time…

ps. This video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6KoEi1zXwBg is no longer available, as of January 2011.

Doctor Who – Journey's End

Just finished watchig the final episode to the current season of Doctor Who – the fourth series since the show was resurrected in 2005. Frankly, since rediscovering the show of my childhood years back in 2005, I think the Doctor Who series has been getting better and better. If anything, and perhaps as a sign of the sentimentalities of our times, we get to see a more human-like and at times temperamental Doctor as compared to the brilliant but slightly distant Doctor of the 70’s and 80’s.

The final episode, which is actually part of a 2-episode season finale and aptly titled “The final journey”, in a sense ties up many loose ends. After the hustle and bustle, everyone had someone to return to, or almost anyway. In the end, the parting of ways was almost matter-of-fact, without the emotional attachments we are more used to in previous episodes/years when Doctor’s companions left the show.

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Catching up with the Time Lords

Recently was quite fortunate to get access to some Doctor Who (the official BBC site, and public-contributed information on Wikipedia) videos – all episodes of the Ninth Doctor as played by Christopher Eccleston as a matter of fact. After an absence of more than 15 years, interrupted only by presence of the 1996 telefilm, Doctor Who finally made a return to the air waves in 2005 in its ninth incarnation. I may add, after all these years, the Doctor has not really lost his charm on me!

For those who are unfamiliar with the BBC TV series Doctor Who, it “is in fact the longest-running science fiction television series in the history of broadcasting, a series that began on the BBC1 network in the United Kingdom in November 1963 and ran until 1989.”, according to Outpost Gallifrey which is seemingly the most comprehensive site on Doctor Who at the moment. It was eventually returned to TV in early 2005 for all new adventures.

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Da Vinci tour

With the release of the new The Da Vinci Code movie, the interest in Dan Brown’s novel of the same title is simply phenomenal.

As another nice example of what is possible with Web 2.0, some creative minds has actually created a Da Vinci Tour and Da Vinci Code Map, both based on Google Maps. This is what is known as a mashup (of Web 2.0 technologies, that is) in Geek-speak. This means from now on you can actually navigate to all the key locations mentioned in the novel. Cool!

ps. For more examples of mashups using Google Map, there is always the Google Maps Mania.

Good guys, bad guys

While I was in Canberra, managed to find some time to watch a couple of movies. Coincidentally, both movies centred around topical Israel-Palestine struggles, where good or bad are not always as clear-cut as they are portrayed in the mainstream media. Both movies were also extremely thought-provoking in my opinion.

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