Bad habits

Some time during my grad school days, I ‘accidentally’ acquired a habit of starting on a new book before finishing the previous one. Some books, not in any particular order, which have made it into this to-finish category are:

  • Art of happiness, by Dalai Lama;
  • Seven habits of highly effective people, by Stephen Covey;
  • 3:16 Bible texts illustrated, by Donald Knuth;
  • Further along the road less travelled*, by M. Scott Peck;
  • Assortment of books on chess.

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Managed to take some time to go to the local library (known as the “National” Library here in Singapore, consisting of a network of regional libraries) tonight. Borrowed two books:

  • Nicolae: the rise of Anti-Christ, which is Book 3 of the Left Behind series, and
  • PHP developer’s cookbook (as recommended on a number of websites which discusses PHP).

Hopefully will have some interesting reading to do in the coming weeks, as well as learning a lot about PHP!


Roughly two months ago, while browsing through (rather aimlessly, I must admit…) searched results on Amazon, I came across a book with the title Left behind. Quite fascinated by the title, I did a bit more investigating and it turned out that this series of books has been around for quite a few years by now, and has been discussed quite regularly on some Christian websites. Here is its home on the internet.

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