Final book

Now about a third of the way into Book 10 in the Left Behind series, The Remnant. This is the last book from the ebook series that I have. By the way, Book 11, Armageddon (soon to be followed by Book 12, Glorious Appearing), has been released recently. I suppose these are probably the last ones, since we are close to the “end”!?

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Favourite sci-fi series

There have been two long-running sci-fi series which I have enjoyed immensely in the past. Firstly, The Foundation Series by Issac Asimov.

This series spanned almost 40 years! The first book was based on a previous short story on robots – a revolutionary concept at that time. The final book detailing the origins one of the most central figure (through his influence rather than having him in each novel in the series), Hari Seldon, came out shortly before Asimov’s death in 1993.

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PHP reference

Tonight decided to bite the bullet and ordered the Build Your Own Database Driven Website Using PHP & MySQL, 2nd Edition from SitePoint. I have enjoyed the style of writing, after reading the (free for download) first 4 chapters. Also, since I have a few PHP+MySQL projects I would like to work on but don’t really have the time to browse all the resources on the internet, this should be a good reference to have. Will post some opinions of this book once I receive it.

Destruction and morality

Currently up to the 4th book “Soul Harvest” of the Left Behind series. The Great Earthquake as foretold in the Book of Revelations has struck and huge amounts of people have been killed as a result.

At this point, it really makes you (well, me at least…) wonder what is the point of all this? I mean, why would a benevolent Christian God destroy everything that He has created in the first place (as He has done before in the story of Noah’s Ark, according to the Old Testament)?

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