Jun 16

Continual learning

I am always on the lookout for new things to learn. With proliferation of endless self-appointed experts (some excellent, some not so good) online and a number of prominent MOOC sites, I am inclined to subscribe to MOOC to make better use of my spare time.

Here is a couple of balanced comparisons for future reference:

Oct 13

Matchbook offer from Amazon

Given my recent series of purchases at Amazon and my preference for Amazon’s Kindle ebook offerings for the past 2 years, imagine my pleasant surprise when I saw this announcement last night!


Basically if you have ordered any hardcopy book since 1995 when Amazon began, you can buy the corresponding ebook at a big discount. Unfortunately it seems that none of the books that I have purchased – even though ebooks do exist for some of the titles – don’t qualify. Anyway hopefully this situation will change sometime in the future.

Oct 13

Doctor Who novels app

After quite a bit of manual data entry (and also thanks to the fans who painstakingly collected all the information prior), I have finally completed the spreadsheet for the list of Doctor Who novels. This forms the backend to Google Visualisation APIs which in turn drives an application running on App Engine.

Well, this is the end result, a list of Doctor Who novels. Next step is to introduce some HTML5 formatting to beautify this list.


It’s certainly been a good learning experience so far!

May 13

Doctor Who novels

In the course of following the revival of Doctor Who series (well, that kind of happened a few years ago back in 2005…), it’s wonderful that I keep discovering new resources which help to rekindle my interests in all things related to Doctor Who!

Here are the links I found recently about the Doctor Who novels – originally serialisation of the TV episodes, but apparently due to the long hiatus until a restart of the series with Christopher Eccelston. Well here are the book series that have been published over the years and I have been slowly going through the original Target series at the moment. 🙂

Jan 13


Recently came across a story set in the Medieval town of Carcassone in a book – which was subsequently made TV mini-series in recent years – called “Labyrinth” by Kate Mosse. What is the significance of this place you may ask? For starters this was was the setting for the extermination of Cathars in the so-called Albigensian Crusade (which incidentally led to the Inquisition eventually). I first heard of this place in the now well-known “Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, in connection with the treasures and the Grail brought to France from Jerusalem many decades previously. An interesting story – a fiction – in itself but the historical backdrop gives a sense of silliness which took place all in the name of religion.