See, no wires… sort of

Just finished setting up my own wireless network at home. Guess the recent upgrade has only wet my appetite for more gadgets!?

Well, after my previous system was <a href="”>unceremoniously put to rest, I had constructed a brand new system with many of the older parts either dysfunctional (the burnt up USB 2.0 card) or obsolete (my 768MB PC133 SDRAM :-(). The current system uses a better and cooler-looking case, a quieter power supply and of course a new board plus CPU. After this, the itchy fingers could not stop, I ended up trying my hand in the wireless world. Consider this my belated Christmas present to myself! 🙂

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Early retirement

This is what my reliable work horse for the last couple of years looks like now. All the useable parts have been stripped and recycled in the new PC. Here is also a close-up of the burnt area on the motherboard, right behind one of the PCI slots.

Early Christmas

My computer went up in smoke – literally – last night. It was definitely the first time I had seen smoke coming out of a computer case, ever! So those stories are true after all…

Have not had the time to investigate the problem yet due to my exam preparations. I guess the upside to all this is: an early Christmas present!?!? 😉


During the past week, have been plagued by the dreaded computer virus at work. Normally a very careful person with such things, I can not explain away this lack of discretion, of inadvertently executing an unknown executable file. Granted it was on one of our network drives (hence assumed to be ‘clean’), and I was just killing sometime before getting off work, and expecting to see some cute Windows screen saver or such things… Well, suffice it to say, a few minutes’ handiwork can sometimes lead to hours of additional labour. In the end, reinstall – as is typical for Windows users!

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