Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood

Just finished the main storyline of Assasin’s Creed Brotherhood early this morning. This is really the game to lose some sleep over!

Although the story of the Assassin’s Creed dates back to 2007, I only discovered this wonderful game mid-last year when I bought a PS3, together with Assasin’s Creed II (which by the way is head and shoulders better than the original, although it was quite a hit during its time too). After seeing the improvements made in Brotherhood, as well as trailers and gameplay presented at this year’s E3 (in the embedded clip), can’t wait untill the next edition, Revelations, comes out in November when the Ezio (and possibly Desmond ) saga will come to a glorious conclusion. Incidentally Uncharted 3 – another favourite of mine on PS3 – is slated for a November release too!

Mid life

As people approach the middle of their lifespans, what do they usually think about?

Can’t speak for others, but I think about my mortality and legacy. Have I made best use of my god-given abilities? Is there anyone to carry on my work/name?

More lessons

Learnt something valuable at our company’s team building event a couple of days ago.

  • When working or competing against other groups/departments, never assume that they have the same objectives as you – even if they are in the same company as you.
  • What’s valuable to you or your team may not be valuable to others.

Making the wrong assumptions cost our group some valuable points during the exercise. However, in real life situations, the consequences are likely to be more serious.


Learnt another valuable lesson from my mum the other day.

The basic gist is that we should tackle everything we take up with full attention – “heart”. If not, why bother doing the thing at all?