Jan 16

A new year

May be a little late now but wishing everyone who comes across this site a brilliant 2016 ahead!

Presumably this period is the time for making new year resolutions and what not. 🙂 Well, one of mine is to remind myself not to ignore small details, so as not to delay writing until a grand vision/message comes to mind. What this means is to expect to see more frequent and smaller snippets posted this year.

Bye for now!

Jan 14

Life lessons

Just finished reading A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Future: Twists and Turns and Lessons Learned by Michael J. Fox which I gather is an expansion of the speech he delivered to college graduates(?). It’s a small volume that many can probably finish in a night. I had known about about his struggles with Parkinson’s Disease but really had no ideas what a remarkable character he is. Currently going through some trying times but his attitude is really uplifting and inspirational. Now I am looking forward to reading his memoir soon too.

Oct 13

Fastdiet second week

It’s coming towards the end of the second week since I started the 5:2 “fastdiet” plan. So far I seem to be coping fine. Two observations: it’s important to get enough rest the night before a fast day, and generally it’s more likely to feel hunger at night. Naturally it’s best to avoid talk about or see food (e.g. cooking programs on TV, bread for next morning’s breakfast, etc.) during these times… However, I do note that here is a good incentive not to miss breakfast – which I tend to do – especially the morning after a fast day. 😉

Finally a self-note: to explore different recipes apart from salads for dinner from now on!

Sep 13

Coffee and health

Good news for coffee lovers like me! (Click to see larger image)


As always take this type of health advice with a grain of salt, since this is just a condensed summary of reputable research and there may be hidden caveats.

Sep 13

Meaning of “non-profit”

Definition as can be found on Wikipedia (as of today),

A nonprofit organization (US and UK), or not-for-profit organization (UK and others), often called an NPO or simply a nonprofit and non-commercial organization, often called an NCO, is an organization that uses surplus revenues to achieve its goals rather than distributing them as profit or dividends. While not-for-profit organizations are permitted to generate surplus revenues, they must be retained by the organization for its self-preservation, expansion, or plans. NPOs have controlling members or boards. Many have paid staff including management, while others employ unpaid volunteers and even executives who work with or without compensation (occasionally nominal). Where there is a token fee, in general, it is used to meet legal requirements for establishing a contract between the executive and the organization.

In other words, while there is nothing stopping the said organisation to generate revenue leading to a surplus or a profit, it is in the spirit of the designation that the profits be pumped back into the organisation to further its cause.