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More tech updates

I am currently exploring “new media” options, namely online streaming from sites like Hulu and Netflix. Being outside of USA, this also means dabbling in the use of VPN or equivalent services.

By the way, streaming of movies and TV this is of course nothing new to me since there are already numerous ways of obtaining the same content, either via torrents or the many existing apps for iPad/Android tables which can stream movies/TV shows over the internet, regardless of the legality of the actual content. It’s more of a personal interest to see if a paid service is in any more superior than the free alternatives.

Glass explorer

It is now 2013. Technology seems to be advancing in an increasing pace. Even now there is already talk of 8-core in our smart phones to come out later this year. Just imagine I am typing now on a 6-core AMD-based system, which I assembled only a short 2 years ago!

Anyway here is a video of a Physics teacher exploring the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, Switzerland – designed to investigate the beginning of the Universe, you know!? 🙂 Geeky as hell, but I sure would like to be in his shoes!

WordPress or Joomla?

A nice infographic which summarises the strengths of WordPress vs Joomla, accurate as of beginning of 2013. I wish there was something like this when I first started blogging many years ago and had a hard time deciding the platform!

WordPress v Joomla - Infographic by Red Giant Design

Amazon Web Services

Looks like it’s time to clean up the posts here (as in, reorganise them, not remove past posts) since what I post these days seem quite different to what I used to write.

Anyway, for the past week, I have been drawn to using Amazon Web Services (AWS), or specifically EC2, as a potential candidate to host my blogs in future – once my contract with webfaction completes. Webfaction has been a fantastic host by the way, but I see AWS not so much as a cost-saving alternative given that the costs involved in shared hosting really really are very low these days but more as a learning experience to take advantage of the flexibility of cloud computing. So far, I have managed to

  1. deploy a copy of the low-traffic WordPress-based site (PHP, Mysql and lighttpd),
  2. learn to increase the size of a disk image.