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Digital archiving

Following the recent upgrade of all my blogs to :wp: 2.1, I felt it was also time to have a face lift. However, if I simply replaced each site with a new theme, it seems a shame that all the effort that went into the customisations of each theme would be wasted, no?

This is how :myhistoryurl:As They Were was born! Here I will keep copies (but not the content, of course) of the :wp: sites I have set up.


As of last night, I have completed the process of transferring all of my Tango-related thoughts to a new blog. These entries will now reside on the subdomain, accessible from navigation bar near the top of this page. Why? As this main blog slowly evolves, I wanted to have a better focus.

I can’t really say that the migration was that straightforward because there is AFAIK no mass-delete functions in :wp: for me to remove all entries in a given category, so I had to remove every entry manually. Secondly, there was an issue with erroneous comment-counts which either crept in somehow during previous upgrades or as a result of pingback spams. Anyway, everything is spanking clean now!