I suppose, at some level, almost everyone craves for some form of “routineness” and “unchangedness”? “For I am as constant as the northern star,” so said Shakespear’s imaginary Julius Caesar.

Picture this. As so often happens in TV shows and movies, you walk into a bar/restaurant and you can just belt out to the waiter, “The usual!” Now, isn’t that something good to look forward to?

As a matter of fact, having stayed in the same flat for about 5 years now, it IS getting to the point where the breakfast lady can almost predict what I want as soon as I walk up to their stall. However, from time to time, it can get a little unnerving to feel that you are too predictable, not to mention that it is rather contrary to the slightly rebellious streak in me too …

Having said that, seems that I am even on first-name basis with the staff in Starbucks in our building now – not that I buy coffee from them every day, mind you, since it’s not my favourite coffee joint in any case…

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