Updates and choice of evils

I have been neglecting this blog for quite a while, which I hope to rectify starting with this entry.

Well, what has been happening lately?

Firstly, I switched over to cable broadband after using ADSL broadband for the past five years. I just could not help feeling short-changed when the monthly subscription for 512Kbps ADSL (SG$37) was only SG$20 less than 6Mbps cable, so I went over to the dark side two months ago when my contract for ADSL was up for renewal and I have been pretty happy since then. Actually that was just before the rate for ADSL dropped (similar price but three times the current speed), but that is another story…

Since mid-March, I have also been offered a trial subscription of cable TV from the same company at a discounted rate, which I accepted. Hopefully I won’t get too hooked on all the additional TV! I must say, there are some nice documentary/investigative shows on the Discovery Channels and the News are more global than the local channels. By the way, currently I am making full use of the air time by subscribing to the Cricket World Cup, at which Australia is already through to the semi-finals, yeah! 🙂

Finally, here is an interesting survey conducted in the USA asking consumers how they decide on one fast food chain or another? It seems that, aside from Subway which seems to have successfully marketed its “healthy eating” image, the main factors for choosing fast food outlets is convenience and price. And, as the author has rightly pointed out, “not surprisingly, neither food quality nor taste is a top three criteria”. Draw your own conclusions there.

Next time you go to any of the fast food chains, think about why you end up there…

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