Preventive action

After hearing some rather worrying tell-tale sounds* coming from my PC last night – specifically, from the harddisk with the Windows operating system – I quickly made up my mind to replace it today. After all, the said harddisk is about 3 years old. Unlike all the problems I had in the past when hardware failure always occurred at the wrong time, hopefully I am doing the right thing to head off any impending problems. It goes without saying that I then spent the rest of the day reinstalling all my softwares…

While I was at it, I also splurged out on another 1GB of RAM. Since I am doing quite a bit of video and audio work, and RAM being as cheap as it is, I figured that there was no harm in having 2GB of RAM! However, it was right after settling the payment that I realised that this was indirectly saying that I wouldn’t be upgrading my PC in the near future. The current DDR RAM I am using is be pin-compatible with the latest standard of DDR2. In other words, a future upgrade will definitely mean spending extra cash for new RAM.. 🙁

*For those who have not heard this before, it sounds like a spring winding and unwinding and usually precedes a complete break in the harddisk.

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