Can't wait?

Last night, on my way home, what I observed as I was getting off the MRT (aka metro is other places) finally made me realize why many people like to say that life is tough in Singapore.

As I was alighting from the MRT, people were fighting to rush into the cabin before any alighting passengers even managed to get one foot out the door. This is quite a common scene here in Singapore. Why the rush? Can’t spare the extra 10-20 seconds for people to get out of your way? It’s as if life is so tough here that everyone simply can’t wait for their lives to be over!? Or, as we say in Chinese, 趕著去投胎! 😉

By the way, speaking from personal experience, this kind of behaviour of not letting people get off the metro is extremely rare even in a place as hectic and crowded as Tokyo. I guess life must be more comfortable there…

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